Days 2-4

It’s FRIDAY!! I can’t believe I made it to friday. This has been a very exhausting week. I am so not used to exercising or getting up early!!

First- TREATS IN THE WORKPLACE-  I just wanted to state a problem that I recognized this week. I am a full-time employee in an office and on the first day that I started this challenge we had donuts and pizza brought in to us from salesmen. I appreciate their effort to win us over but really why can’t it be fruit or smoothies or something. And again a couple days later some more donuts were brought in. But I am proud to say that this week I have not had any donuts and I only ate one piece of pizza which is a step forward for me. And I did keep it in my alotted calories for the day. So hopefully I am starting to make small changes that will effect the rest of my life.

Second, I AM SO SORE!!! :) I know this will get easier and I noticed tonight that when I went walking that it was easier and I wasn’t as tired as I was on Tuesday when I started this journey. I love the hurts so good soreness that I am feeling tonight.

Third, FAMILY EXERCISE TIME- What better way than to spend a friday night!! I was so excited tonight as my children, Matt, Mitch and Mercedes went to the recreation center with me, so we could walk the track for a half hour. It was so good to see them out exercising and not home eating and watching TV. I know that this is going to be a great experience for the whole family. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to get healthy. And I am greatful for all the support we are getting from the great people at IHC!!!

Fourth, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - I am so excited with all the things that I am learning from how to operate a treadmill or other exercise equipment to the best ways to eat and keep your body healthy. I really enjoyed our first class on Thursday learning the different ways to keep in check what you are putting in our bodies. I am so excited for the many many things that I am going to learn and experience in the next 14 weeks. :)

and LAST BUT NOT LEAST - STRESSTIME - I am freaking out because KSL is going to be interviewing us and taping us while we work-out on Tuesday. I am hoping I won’t look like a total loser and hopefully someone that sees the program will gain a desire to get healthy for them and their family.

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Day 1

Well, today was the start of my 100-day journey to a healthy heart. I was so nervous to go to the weigh in but in reality they made it very comfortable for us. It really got me excited to get to work!!! So after the tests were run, we were given a great omelette, the Chef made the dish (and I mean with his personality just as much as cooking the omelette!) It was decided that my partner Lisa Christen and I would start our workout tonight at 5:15. It feels so nice to have a support with the exercise and the nutrition to help me change my habits to healthier living. So after work I headed back to Provo for the big first exercise workout. It was actually really fun and even though my fingers even hurt right now typing this. It is a great hurt. It reminded me of the great feeling you have after you get out and do something that you know you need to do. It is kind of like how I feel after I clean my house. I hate the thought of doing it and the actually work is not that fun but the feeling when you look at your clean room or area is just so worth the effort. That is how I feel tonight about the exercise. The great feeling of actually doing the work is such a reward when you are done. Well, I really need to get to bed because I didn’t sleep well last night with anticipation. I am super excited that I have been given this opportunity and I am going to do my best!! :)

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